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Thursday, October 20 from 5:30pm – 9:30pm

Guest Speaker: Glen Pearson

Glen Pearson has served the London Food Bank, which he founded with his wife Jane Roy, as its Executive Director since 1987. A retired professional firefighter and former Member of Parliament for London North Centre, Pearson has led Canadian Aid for Southern Sudan as Executive Director for the past 20 years.

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, in 1974, Pearson moved to London, Ontario and eventually joined the London Fire Department in 1976 as a professional firefighter for a career that lasted nearly 30 years.

During this time, he has remained as volunteer director of the London Food Bank for 30 years, also serving as the chairperson of Ontario’s food banks for a three-year period and assisting in a number of feeding projects around the world.

Glen Pearson

Guest Speaker: Glen Pearson

In 1998, Pearson and his wife, Jane Roy, began fighting slavery in Sudan. The Sudanese civil war between north and south was Africa’s longest-running conflict and claimed the lives of some 2.5 million people, with 5 million being displaced. Their success at fighting slavery led them to start Canadian Aid for Southern Sudan in order to build schools, establish women’s programs and other development projects to help those who had returned from slavery and settled back into south Sudan. In 2005, they attended the peace talks between north and south Sudan – negotiations that were eventually successful and put an end to the conflict. Since that time they have maintained their interest in the border region between north and south Sudan, and in 2011 Glen and his wife Jane were made international observers to southern Sudanese referendum, along with the likes of Jimmy Carter and George Clooney.

On November 27, 2006, Pearson became the Member of Parliament for London North Centre – a position he held for nearly five years. During that time he was the Official Critic for International Cooperation in the shadow .

The father of seven children, including three adopted children from South Sudan, the grandfather of five, and the author of numerous books, Glen sits on boards of numerous organizations. In 2014, he received an Honourary Doctorate from Western University and an Honourary Diploma from Fanshawe College for his extraordinary efforts, both local and international.

We are very honoured to have Glen Pearson join us as our guest speaker for the second annual South Huron Business and Community Excellence Awards Gala to share his experiences serving communities both at home and abroad.